Choosing Law Enforcement as a Career

Topics: Police, Crime, Criminal justice Pages: 1 (378 words) Published: October 16, 2010
The career I desire in Criminal Justice is in Law Enforcement as a Police Officer. Police officers apprehend criminals, write tickets, investigate crimes and ensure that the protection of the criminal justice system is available. All law enforcement agencies require that new applicants have completed a law enforcement training academy and at least 2 years of college, although some departments require only a high school diploma and a clear criminal record but an associates or a bachelor degree is prefer. However all applicants must meet all of the written, psychological and physical standards applied by the POST exams and pass a background check and a polygraph test.

The thing that interested me the most about Law Enforcement as I was researching was that they just patrol around to keep the community safe, write tickets, respond to 911 calls and in some points get to work with other agencies like FBI and others. That is something that got me interested because some days you could have a chill day and then out of nowhere you would have to respond to a 911 call. What I’m trying to say is that it’s a very exciting job to have and that you’ll never have the same day twice always something new. Law Enforcement relates to my potential career path in many ways because I like helping people who can’t help them self and that’s what law enforcement is all about.

The working conditions for police officers are very conducive there exactly what I’m looking for. The reason why is because police officers work in a variety of conditions, including offices in police stations, city or country areas however police officers may sometimes be at risk of verbal or physical abuse. The Potential earnings for Law Enforcement are somewhat good but it’s okay its better than nothing I mean the average salary for a Police officer in San Bernardino is $43,000 a year and that’s 21% lower than average police officer salaries for job postings nationwide so that means relocation won’t be that...
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