Choosing Experiencing and Living

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COMM 1302 Intro to Communication Theory

Choosing Experiencing and Living

In life, there are a lot of choices we have to make. We do not know whether they are right or wrong and we probably will not even know for a long time, but they are parts of life and most importantly, we have to live up to our judgements. One typical example came from my friend, Chong Ren, who has been away from his hometown China for eight years. By making decisions, he learnt to think independently and grew up. First major choice came along when Chong just finished up his high school. Generally speaking in China, people with experience of studying abroad earn a much higher salary than those with local education (#1, Environment, Haun, p7). He began to think it would be the time for him to go as well. In order to obtain more Information (#2, Haun, p15) regarding foreign life, he went to find an agent (#3, Channel, Haun, p4) who targeted Switzerland educational market. The agent painted a perfect picture with beautiful life and bright future and there seemed to be no doubt of making this choice. However, Chong’s parents did not completely believe the agent’s words (#4, Noise, Haun, p4) and thought he would hide something they were not aware of (#5, Concealment, Huan, p70). Chong went back to ask for more details, and the response from the agent was “I promise (#6, Compliance Gaining Strategies, Haun, p37) everything I said was absolutely true”. That was exactly what he (#7, Receiver, Haun, p7) wanted to hear. At that point, Chong couldn’t help but started imagining himself as becoming a successful man after graduating from a foreign prestigious college (#8, Archetype, Haun, p72). With all the good wishes, Chong decided to go and study in Switzerland. As it turned out, changed his perception (#9, Haun, p63) about how things can go wrong without fully understanding the situation. At the arrival, he felt the first chill from Switzerland because nothing was expected. In terms of being independent for the every first time, it was far tougher than he ever had in mind. When Chong was born in China in 1984, the whole country was carrying out the one-child policy, which means each family can only have one child due to the massive population growth, and therefore, that generation obtained more loving from their family than any others. However, when Chong started his life back in Europe, he soon realized what things normally come naturally to him for the past twenty years suddenly became problems, something as simple as preparing for supper. The living expense in Switzerland was much higher than in China and eating out became a luxury. Cooking is the first survival lesson he had to learn. With no experience at all, Chong could only look back upon on what his mother usually does. After several practices and live chat with his mom on the other line, he gradually felt satisfied with his meal. Next, as hard to imagine as it was, grocery shopping became another obstacle. In the small town where he was staying, the public transportations were too poor to go anywhere. A bicycle became Chong’s only reliable vehicle to go around town. The town was located on the border of Switzerland and Germany, so in order to shop for the cheaper groceries; Chong often rode to Germany with his little bike even if it took an hour each way. In the winter, bicycle did not work too well anymore. One time Chong’s bicycle was broken on the way back home, he had bought a lot that day so he dragged the bags with him while held on to the bicycle at the same time. After three agonizing hours, he had finally reached home, found the bags were completely torn and some groceries were long gone. He was exhausted and had never felt so low in his young life. At that point, he felt he was the most pathetic person on earth (#10, Life positions: “I am not ok; you are ok”, Haun, p67). He started to doubt and began to ask himself “Why am I here?” (#11, Relational Dissolution/Intrapsychic, Haun,...
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