Choosing Elements to Biuld Brand Equity

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▪ Criteria for choosing brand elements:

|Memorability: |names, symbols, logos, semantic content, visual properties, more attention getting | |[pic] |easy to remember | | |eg: “Blue Rhino” (propane gas cylinder), reinforcing it with a powder-blue mascot with distinctive yellow flame. | |Meaningfulness: |General and Specific information | |"The world's local bank" | | |Likeability: |eg: PepsiCo introduced their new Code Red soft drink. | |Transferability: |both product category and geographic sense. | | |eg: Amazon connotes a massive South American river | | |whereas Toys”R”Us obviously does not permit the same flexibility. | |Adaptability: |eg: New look of logos and characters to make them appear modern and relevant. | |Protectability: |Legally protected on an international basis and Formally register and Vigorously defend trademarks from unauthorized | | |competitive violation | | |eg: Early entry of Molson Ice (ice beer category) quickly lost standpoint when Miller Ice (later became Bud Ice) was | | |introduced. |

SEE PAGE 181 The Branding Mishaps
Options and tactics for brand elements:
• Brand names: It is a fundamentally important choice because it often captures the central theme or key associations of a product in a very compact and economical fashion.

Naming guidelines:

|Descriptive |Singapore Airlines | |Suggestive |marchFIRST, Agilent Technologies. | |Compounds |redhat(software company) | |Classical |Meritor(meaning from merit, a children school) | |Arbitrary |Apple | |Fanciful |Avanade ( software and security through net support) |

▪ Brand awareness:
Brand names are chosen that are:
|Simple and easy to pronounce or spell |Familiar and meaningful |Different |Distinctive and unusual |

Aim toothpaste
Coca cola became cokes
Consumers may take away different perceptions of...
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