Choose Any Two Love or War Poems Studied and Compare and Contrast the Pair.

Topics: Poetry, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Charge of the Light Brigade Pages: 4 (1649 words) Published: February 3, 2011
The first poem I am going to write about is the Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred lord Tennyson. Alfred was born on the 6th of August 1809 in Lincolnshire England. Alfred died on the 6th of October 1892. The poem is talking about war that he read in the newspaper and he wrote a poem about them. The battle took place in the 1854. Alfred was not a soldier in the war he think war is a good thing. In the first verse it talks about the six hundred soldiers going to war in the valley of death. He talks about the soldier being ambushed in the valley by the Russian army. The commander told the soldiers to go to the valley. The soldiers travel about six or seven miles in the valley “half a league, half a league, half a league onwards all in the valley of death”. There is a good use of tripling half a league, half a league, half a league three times at start sets up a rhythm you can nearly hear the gallop of the horses hooves as you say the words. There is personification in this verse "Valley of death" this is a good because it suggests to us that the Light Brigade are going to lose their lives in the valley few of them will survive the battle. In the second verse he talks about the soldiers going up the valley ready to battle “Forward the light brigade”. The soldier didn’t have a choice to go and battle in the valley of death. The soldiers had to go and fight because that was there duty to do as the commander asks them to do saw. Alfred said the soldiers was brave because it said in the poem “theirs not to make reply Theirs not reason why

Theirs but to do or die” This tells us that Alfred is telling that the soldiers was brave to fight for there country. In this verse there is personification “In to the valley of death”. This is a good use of personification because it describes the valley of death because of the battle in the valley. Ther is a ggod verb the "Blunder'd" is good because it means making a mistake....
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