Choices in Life

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Choices in life can be a very difficult thing. One decision in life can make or break your future. People can benefit from having many choices but having too many choices may also be bad. In the article “A Logical Choice” by Gary Belsky, he explains “They don’t realize that you can become paralyzed by too many choices and that increased options mean confusion.” (2) An important matter in life is the choice people have to make on where to attend college, what major you want to go into, and even enjoy the career you choose. Choosing the right college can be a difficult choice in someone’s life. Doing good in school can help someone’s decision on selecting a certain college. Every college is different and making the right choice is an important thing. Belsky states, “When it comes to choosing people are either maximizers or satisfiers.” (3) Maximizers will spend a lot of effort in searching for the top colleges for them to attend too. Satisfiers will try and find a college that is just good enough for them to do good in. When it comes to making a big decision, like choosing a college, it is always difficult making that decision by yourself. Finding someone to make that choice can always help, but you should always trust your own instincts. Trust your instincts and the right choice will come to you. When you make the decision to go to a certain college, it can help you get a good start in your career. College is the place that can help you start your career in the right direction. The career you choose makes your future the way it is. In order for you to be successful in your career, you need to go to the right college. Colleges have certain specialties they teach and choosing the right place can benefit you. Staying in college for a couple years can you help you be knowledgeable towards your career. College is just a place that helps you to become more successful for you to have a successful future and a stable life.
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