Choice Theory Paper

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Choice Theory Counseling Paper

Tineka Wilson

Liberty University

It is imperative to study and incorporate counseling theories when counseling individuals. Many counselors use choice therapy with their clients. Choice theory is an explanation of human behavior. It promotes clients with a healthy way of thinking. According to choice therapy, the behavior is simply an attempt to meet the five basic psychological needs. Those human needs are psychological, power, fun, freedom, survival and love/belonging. Choice therapy also determines the course of the counseling session. A client's behavior is determined by their individual choices. Their choices could be positive or negative. This paper will discuss the importance of choice theory and how it is intertwined with the humans psychological needs.

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Choice Theory Counseling Paper

Choice Theory is a counseling approach that is compatible with the secular and Christian worldview. Most clients that are in choice therapy are able to determine their emotional wellbeing by their decisions. For example, an individual may do a good deed for someone. That good deed will often give an individual an emotional satisfaction. Individuals that make good decisions often have a good physical and emotional being. Therapists who use the choice theory usually look at the individuals physical, emotional health, and the mind. All three choices are usually discussed by the client and often determines the outcome of the session. The overall goal of choice therapy is "we choose everything we do, including misery we feel." (Glasser, 1998). Philosophical Assumptions and Key Concepts

Choice theory can be based on the philosophical assumptions. Individuals have a major impact on how the theory is utilized. The key concepts in the theory can be compared with the scientific concepts of psychology. The combination of the two concepts effect the individual in making choices which affect our behavior which determines our emotional and physical well being. (Roth & Fonagy, 2005). One of the philosophical concept is psychological. Human beings are made of different psychological aspects by the way they think, act, and demonstrate their emotions. God created humans in his image, however we are all unique and make our own choices based on our emotions. This philosophical assumption makes it quite difficult to determine the thoughts and behavioral aspects based on the choices made by the individual. (Murdock, 2009). Optimistic is another philosophical concept that can be used in the choice theory. As individuals we should be often optimistic about life. We all wonder if we will stay healthy with our mind, body, and soul. God gives us optimism that will remain healthy through our mind, body and spirit if we trust and believe in him. Some individuals may feel that being optimistic will help them, but are willing to accept it. The last philosophical assumptions is freedom. Freedom is often used to control our choices. It can be also used to control our behavior and emotions. All individuals are capable of controlling our behavior and emotions with the assistance of the Holy spirit. (Jones & Butman, 1991). All three of the philosophical assumptions for choice theory are quite useful. I believe that it can truly help an individual make an good choice/decision. I also believe that it can be determined by an individual emotion. Model of Personality

Sigmund Freud developed many ideas about the structure of personality. (Wilson, 2012). Freud believed that personality had three structures. (Wilson, 2012). It was the id, ego, and superego. (Wilson, 2012). Freud believed that our personality processes below the level of conscious awareness. (Wilson, 2012). Freud also believed that individuals had three levels of personality They are defined as reality, pleasure, and conscious. Individuals that are capable of making their own...
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