Choice Theories and How They Relate to Crime

Topics: Crime, Morality, Criminal law Pages: 3 (1033 words) Published: January 15, 2012
The term choice theories also know and rational choice theories was developed by Dr William Glasser in 1995. This theory explains human desire to satisfy their genetic needs for survival, connecting, belonging, power, freedom, and fun (, 2011). These human desires require humans to make conscious choices and act upon those choices in any way they see fit to ensure the desires are satisfied. This relates to criminal activity because criminals may feel that crime is their only means of satisfying these needs. To survive means to remain or continue in existence (, 2011). The need to survive is experienced by all humans. Every person develops their own way to survive and makes conscious decisions to ensure their survival. Criminals make the decision to commit crimes such as theft to help pay for their survival while law abiders may choose to work for it. Connecting and belonging go hand-in-hand. To connect with someone means to associate with someone in a personal, professional, mental, or emotional way (, 2011). Belonging is what comes after the connection has been made. All people have a need and desire to connect with others and feel a sense of belonging with another person or group. Criminals may commit crimes because the people they have connect with or belong with commit crimes. They may do it because, in the group of people they spend time with, it is what makes you accepted. Law abiders may satisfy this need and desire through family and friends or through co-workers. Power is the possession of control or command over others or the capability of doing or accomplishing (, 2011). Most humans have a strong, urging desire to have power. Not as much to control or command others; but to be capable of accomplishing their goals in life. To satisfy this human desire, criminals may resort to a variety of crimes such as dealing drugs or violence. The drug cartels typically have one person who is in charge of the...
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