Choice or Chance

Topics: American Dream, Kill, Free will Pages: 3 (1063 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Julia Goodwin
31 May 2013
Mrs. Brooks
American Literature
Chances and Choices
When men went to war is the past, it usually wasn’t by choice, but by chance. During a time of war some were excited to defend their country while others were not. In other words… some went by choice while others went by chance. We make our choices, our chances perspire. Good may come from both, in living what we call, “The American Dream.” In life nothing is planned as much as we believe in our plans and desire for them… what’s meant to happen will happen. We plan things and then reason with our own selves and in the end we end up making choices and taking chances. As with the soldiers in, The Things They Carried none of them knew their fate at war and all of them had the plans to return. That is when you need to allow fate to decide and do what you can, and what you are meant to do. In The Things They Carried Tim O’Brien dedicates a chapter to his story of the man he killed. Choice at war is gruesome and sometimes morally are wrong but what has to be done… has to be done. During your while at war you make a choice, “kill or be killed.” You are faced with a choice to kill or suffer the chance that you yourself will be killed. You can accuse someone of being the corrupt guy or someone of being the moral one, but the moral ones kill just as the corrupt ones wish for their families. It’s a continuous circle and no one really knows what chances or choices were made by the man on the other side of the gun. During every single day at war the men suffer choices that are accurately life or death. Whose American Dream is this? Most men are forced to go to war and are not even allowed to voice their opinion or make a major choice for their life, about whether to go or to not. Not only did they carry the physical and literal objects with a physical weight. But also, all men carried their past, and the burden of wondering if they would even have a future, “That was what they carried.”...
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