Choice Is an Illusion. in Reality, Our Lives Are Controlled by the Society in Which We Live.

Topics: United States, Helen Keller, Barack Obama Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: May 17, 2012
Whether someone has control on his future is one of the most interesting questions that everyone asks himself. By reading successful people biographies, you will not accept that your life is completely under the control of the society. You have always choices. You can find a way or build a new one to reach whatever you desire. Although society is one of the foremost effective parameters in our lives, every desire depends on its magnitude needs your effort to come true. One of the force against society's effectiveness is power of will. The strong will find its way and stand against the society to reach what is wanted. This power assists people to be flexible in hardship and control their lives. President Obama is a paragon. He turns up through a society in which blacks did not have civilization rights in a foregoing century. He elected as the first black president of United States due to his qualified. Besides, perseverance is another point which is not related to the society. It is what scientific do in research centers to find a solution for the problems. Researchers do plenty of survey for years to verify a conclusion and publish it. Perseverance and not getting disappointed are two important factors to be successful. Helen Keller's teacher is one of the persevering person who could finally teach a blind and deaf girl to communicate with the world. Her afforts to exchange Hellen's meaningless life to a writer is admirable. Moreover, people belief on their capabilities perform an important role in their future. One who has a strong imagination of his success in future prepares himself to encounter difficulties. Troubles will not make him disappointed. These explanation reminds me of the first European groups immigrated to America. They risked their life, while ships transportation was not as safe as today. Nevertheless, they did it to reach what it was in their imaginations regardless of society's preventing commands. In sum, I agree with the opinion that...
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