Choice Essay

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  • Published : November 3, 2010
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Choice Essay

Sacrifice. Sacrifice is when something is given up or lost for someone or something. A sacrifice is something that is difficult to make and possibly uncomfortable to perform. According to Bernadette Devlin, “to gain that which is worth having, it may be necessary to lose everything else.” ( I showed an example of sacrifice when I was in 6th grade. My two best friends, Shannon and Tori, had accidently planned their birthday parties on the same day, April 24th. I had been invited to both, and I could not decide on whose party to go to. Eventually, I made the right decision not to attend either of their parties and went on a family trip instead. Ultimately, I made a good choice because it didn’t harm others, I put others before myself, and I thought about how it would affect the future.

To begin, this was a good choice because my decision was not harmful to others. I helped my friends out with my decision in this situation. At the time, I thought I only had two choices: to go to Shannon’s party or to go to Tori’s party. They didn’t feel put down when I made the decision not to attend either of their parties. We all could’ve dug our way into a huge fight that we couldn’t have gotten out of. They weren’t hurt by my choice. Also, my family didn’t suffer in any way because of my verdict. Instead of staying home, my family members and I took a trip to Chicago. My family was not hurt in any way, because I made the choice to stay home instead of going to the parties. My decision was a good one, because it did not harm my friends or my family.

In addition, I believe the choice I made was the right one because I put others before myself- like my friends. I showed an example of this, because I could have just gone to one party. But I made the settlement to not be present at either. I didn’t want my friends to be mad at me or at each other as a resolution of my choice. Not only did I put my friends before me, but also my...
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