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Topics: Choice, Preference, Chemotaxis Pages: 3 (682 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Daniel Alohan Period 5/6
Mr. Cueter AP Biology Lab Report Investigation 12: Fruit Fly Behavior

In the lab that was conducted, students were supposed to examine the tendencies of fruit flies, specifically Drosophila’s, to move toward or away from important stimuli that aide in their survival, also known as taxis. Another objective for this lab was to identify the patterns and relationships between environmental factors and a living organism. Students are supposed to use two bottles to allow the flies to choose which side they want to go to, depending on what substances they are attracted to more. Fruit flies are not attracted to fruits; rather they are attracted to the rotting fruit.

In this lab, students are studying the behavior of animals, ethology, and the factors that contribute to the way they behave. Do certain environmental factors behave as a stimulus to animals?

If the fruit flies were given choices on which substance they are most attracted to, they there wouldn’t be any preference to any over the other.

Materials & Procedures:
Material: In this experiment, the we used: tape, 2 water bottles, scissors, 6 different cotton balls, 1 chamber, about 20 fruit flies, water, lime water, banana, vanilla extract, and ammonia. Procedure: Cut the bottom ends off of two water bottles, and tape them together. I labeled each cap with letter “A” and “B.” I then inserted the fruit flies in through one end. For each new substance, we dropped a few drops of it onto the cotton balls. We observed the fruit flies for about 5 minutes, undisturbed, and then counted the flies at each end. We repeated these stepped for each new substance being exposed to the flies.


Table 1. Fruit Fly Choices
|Trail 1 |Trail 2 |Trail 3...
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