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How to Tie a Tie | Jack Franklin


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How to Tie a Tie
Half of a good tie is in the knot. A tie that cuts corners on quality becomes apparent in the knot. Every Jack Franklin tie is made with the best silk available, on Italian weavers, and with wool interlining---ensuring a thick, consistent knot every time. These 4 knots are essential to any gentleman's wardrobe.

Windsor Half-Windsor Four-in-Hand Pratt
When the trend-setting Prince of Wales, later the Duke of Windsor, took a liking to large tie knots in the 1930s it did not go unnoticed. Within years men everywhere wore ties `fastened with the popular Windsor knot, larger than the usual four-in-hand, to fill the space of the wide spread collar', wrote Esquire in 1940. Discarding the ubiquitous four-in-hand in favour of the larger knot was, at the time, a conspicuous gesture. But it was an elegant one, and the knot has never really fallen out of fashion since.


How to Tie a Tie | Jack Franklin


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Unlike its name suggests, the half-Windsor is not half the size of the Windsor but rather three-quarters. This casts suspicion on the other half of its etymology: there is no evidence that the half-Windsor derived from the Windsor, though the authors have yet to learn of the half-Windsor's...
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