Chocolates and Mood

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  • Published : September 28, 2012
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Chocolate is a popular food and it is usually consumed as a snack food which is not as a main meal. Its consumption also has been associated with pleasure, love and enjoyment. Previously, many studies have been done to find the correlation between chocolates consumption and moods but the relationship between chocolates and moods were highly complex. However, the effectiveness of consuming chocolates on peoples’ mood remains unclear and the evidence in chocolate studies remains highly controversial. A questionnaire was used to collect data about student perceptions in consuming chocolates and its effects on their mood. The questionnaire provided consists of five questions about chocolates. The results of the research show that most students agreed about the effects of chocolates consumption on students’ mood. Majority of the respondents confirmed that they felt more calm and happy after consumed chocolates. The conclusion can also be drawn that the effects of consuming chocolates on students’ mood may be different for every student since everyone has their own biological state of body. Keywords: chocolate, mood

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Background of study
Chocolates are produce from the seeds of the tropical cocoa tree Theobroma cacao, usually called simply, “cacao”, and have become one of the popular food that will be consumed during comfort eating (Warren, 2007). There are many types of chocolate and some of them are milk chocolate, white chocolate, sweet chocolate, dark chocolate, unsweetened chocolate, bittersweet chocolate and semisweet chocolate. Its consumption has been associated with pleasure, love, and enjoyment and it is also known as a unique psychoactive food, food that affecting the mind (Lua & Wong, 2011b). Chocolates reveals an anxiolytic effect during stressful tasks and it have been claimed to enhance better mood and also increase the ability to focus (Dallard et al, 2001; Radin et al, 2007 in Maremmani, Perugi, Rovai, Maremmani, Pacini, Canonico, Carbonata, Mencacci, Muscettola, Pani, Torta,Vampini, Akisal, 2011). Statement of problem

According to Burnard, Haji Abdul Rahman HT, Hayes and Edward (2007) , in Lua & Wong (2011a), the negative mood symptoms like depression and anxiety were commonly experienced by young and students who were less experienced. In other words, students have the high tendency of being depressed. Based on previous research, some individuals take chocolate as self- medication while they are feeling depressed ( Lua & Wong, 2011b).In other words, the depressed people tend to take chocolates as a way to alleviate their mood. This may due to the ingredients of the chocolate itself that might influence people’s mood. This is due to the claimed stated by Lua & Wong (2011b), which is in chocolate consumption, the nutritional...
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