Chocolate Speech

Topics: Cancer, Mind, Eye Pages: 1 (432 words) Published: February 15, 2011
Bored and sick of waiting for Mom, you wander aimlessly through Wal-Mart. Item after item goes unseen as your hurting, tired feet shuffle you closer and closer. Suddenly the brain re-activates, eyeballs unglazed, fingers start twitching, and saliva accumulates in your mouth. And the reason for all of this extreme action? The aroma of chocolate has wafted into your senses and ignited the chocolate loving cells of your brain. As you gallop at high speeds toward aisle #1, careen around laden carts, and leave black marks as you round the last corner, don’t worry about being thought of as mental. Just describe it as one of the many side effects of chocolate. OK, I know you all think I am mental trying to make you believe that this effect is from chocolate, but it truly is true. Studies have shown that the aroma or taste of chocolate greatly increases the heart rate and stimulates your brain. So the next time you are driving that red eye stretch of the 48 hour trip, try some chocolate instead of those harmful shots of energy drinks. Not only are you getting that much needed energy, if you inhale that dark stuff, you are strengthening your circulatory system. In all seriousness chocolate really does do this for you and a lot more. Chocolate has both positive and negative side effects. Because we all like what is positive let’s take a look at these amazing facts first. Researchers have been looking for a cure for cancer for years. Little did they know that a very yummy preventer has been sitting in front of their noses for at least three millennium. Although chocolate does not cure cancer, it can help prevent it. To get this wonderful effect though, you must eat dark chocolate. The anti-oxidants in this type of chocolate help fight harmful cancer cells in your body. Have you ever had sick kids, whining for some candy, and you told them no because they need something good to eat so they will get better. Well, it looks like the kids won...
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