Chocolate Covered Ants

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  • Published : January 30, 2011
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The book I read is called Chocolate Covered Ants. The book is about Max and his brother Adam. For his birthday, Adam got an ant colony and he loves it so much. But, he has to send for his ants through the mail and they don’t for 4-6 weeks. He can’t wait for his ants to come and he is so excited. When they finally come, he is so excited and doesn’t talk about anything else other than the ants.

Max is always pretending to step on ants, or kill them in some way. He also assured Adam that people eat chocolate covered ants. But, Adam didn’t believe him. So Max made a bet with him for $13 that people really do eat chocolate covered ants. But Adam wanted to see that people eat chocolate covered ants.

So Max went into the backyard and dug up some ants. Then, he put then ants in a plastic bag along with a chocolate bar and put it in a microwave. He thought the plan was working out well until the plastic bag exploded in the microwave. It made a huge mess and when his mom got home, she was really mad.

The chocolate ants were still fresh and ready to eat though. So Max called Adam down to the kitchen and showed him that eat could eat chocolate covered ants. He didn’t like the taste but forced them down his throat so he could win the bet. But that wasn’t good enough for Adam. The bet was that Adam wanted to see people eat chocolate covered ants not just Max, since he was only one person.

Max tried to get all his friends from to school to come home with him and show his little brother that people really do eat ants for half of the $13. No one would though. In the middle of class, Max and his friend, Larry, got caught passing around the bag of chocolate covered ants. So the teacher made them come up to the front of the class and eat them in front of everybody. Max was used to the taste but Larry thought it was disgusting.

By the time Max got home, Adam had heard about the ant story during school. But he didn’t see it happen so Adam didn’t believe that any body ate...
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