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Executive Summary
We have decided to open a Candy store in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The name of this shop is “DELIGHTS”. We assure customers would enjoy our treats and simply love it. Our shop would be a paradise to people with a soft corner for sweet; even those who are diabetic or diet conscious- as we would also provide sugar free candies.

Our mission is to expand the new technology and concept of sweet market in Dhaka, Bangladesh- to delight customers. The candy store’s mission is to become the recognized local leader for the sale of candy and candy gift baskets to the general public.

Sweet tooth would be run as a partnership between five individuals. The 800 square feet shop offers a sugar-added menu plus a sugar-free menu during general days and specially customized chocolates on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Eid, Christmas, etc. Our customers will have an option of customizing chocolates bars by engraving messages. It would be a great gift option for all most any occasion. We will also cater to Weddings, Birthday Parties, Baby showers, Anniversary, Exhibitions, store openings, etc.

The market aimed for is mainly the young generation between the ages 14-35; however people of all generation can still enjoy our items-because everyone likes chocolates. It’s going to be located in Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our shop location has been chosen by keeping in mind that our product is quite expensive to produce and we need to sell it to high disposable income earning segment of Bangladesh, which is mainly located in Banani, Gulshan and Baridhara. Plus this zone has most of the restaurants, cafes, clubs and shopping malls, which attract a lot of people.

The atmosphere would be very lively and delightful. We would play popular hits songs to jazz up the mood of our shop, making it a enjoyable experience. We would always keep our store well maintained to meet with our high-end standards. Maintaining standards are really important for us because our brand positioning is such that promised quality comes first. We would also provide parking facilities for our customers.

We are estimating that our monthly profit would be approximately Tk1.5 Lakh per month. Therefore, in one year the company is expected to earn 18 Lakhs. Our total initial investment is approximately Tk40 lakh, therefore according to our estimation the amount is expected to be recovered around 2years and 5months. The entire investment would be provided by the five partners equally, an amount of 8 Lakhs per person.

Overall, this business has a great potential in our chosen and targeted market. We are excitedly anticipating the opening of our store!


1.1 Introduction:

Bangladesh is a developing country which is experiencing a rise in income level at least in a particular group of people. Those people seek to have various facilities to enhance their lifestyle in their own country which they currently get from abroad. These facilities range from simple consumer goods to high-tech services. Thus we have decided to cater to the need of this group and provide them a unique service that is yet a new concept in Bangladesh.

Our business plan is to start a chocolate store which basically focuses on customizing chocolates according to special occasions. The shop will also provide the opportunity to customers to customize chocolates as per their wish. We aim to start a trend of giving chocolates for all sorts of occasions. Even though gifting chocolates is a common phenomenon to kids or on events like Valentine’s Day, but we want to establish a trend of using chocolates for formal occasions as well. We will arrange specialized gift packages for Birthdays, anniversary, wedding, get well soon etc. By customizing chocolates we mean that customers can pick the chocolates they want, then select the specially ordered boxes and wrapping papers and can also instruct how to make the whole package. In addition, they...
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