Chocolat Essay

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Chocolat Essay

Chocolat by Joanne Harris is about a mother and daughter who move to the church and God ruled town called Lansquenet and change that town into a free and vibrant community through their chocolate shop. Harris explores the conflicting themes of freedom and repression using techniques such as imagery, symbols and characters. The Black Man and Reynaud were two figures that imposed a great deal of repression amongst the villages in Lansquenet and Vianne. The Black Man is a man that Vianne constantly refers to while talking about her mother and running away from town to town. “For years we ran from the priest, the Black Man, and when his face returned time and again in the cards it would be time to run once more”, demonstrating to the reader that Reynaud has something to do with the Black Man or in fact could be him. Later in Chocolat Armande states that, “He’s the Black Man”, referring to Reynaud. As the dark figure that he is, the reader gets the idea that Reynaud is associated with repression. As Reynaud is the leader of Lansquenet, the reader can see that his influence on the town has left them with no freedom. Reynaud’s dark figure and influence on the town shows how he is associated with repression. The transformation that the characters and town went through from being controlled by Reynaud and having freedom was shown through colour and weed imagery. As colour imagery was used by Harris to show freedom, it made it apparent to the reader if a character had a transformation from repression to freedom. An example of this is how Luc’s mother controlled him, Vianne saw him as “a colourless boy, too correct in his pressed flannel trousers and tweed jacket, cool green-grey eyes beneath a lank fringe”. This quote shows how little freedom he had and how his mum controlled his life. His transformation to freedom after having chocolate was shown through colour imagery as well “His eyes flaring a brighter green”. This quote shows that Luc is now...
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