Chocolat and Like Water for Chocolate

Topics: Chocolate, Types of chocolate, Magic Pages: 2 (732 words) Published: March 31, 2012
In Chocolat, I learned that food has magical power that engages and connects people and brings them into good relations. Vianne and her daughter were not welcomed in a conservative and religious town at beginning, however her chocolate had magical power to melt those peoples’ cold attitude and they became drawn into her chocolate, even that stubborn pastor Reynaud who had strong hostile feeling against Vianne did so at the end. I liked the part that Reynaud couldn’t resist to break in her store and try all the chocolates before Easter Sunday. “It is like one of my dreams. I roll in chocolates. I imagine myself in a field of chocolates, on a beach of chocolates, basking-rooting-gorging. I have no time to read the labels; I cram chocolates into my mouth at random” (Harris 312). I believe his attitude also influenced and changed town people since he is the symbol that his faithful people ought to believe in and follow in their town. I also enjoyed seeing the relationship between Vianne and Roux. With similar characteristics they both have, such as free minded, not religious like town people, move from a place to another and somewhat isolated from society, it is natural that they feel close each other. Especially, the night they spent together is one of my favorite parts, because it was described beautifully and romantically. “The garden was still warm in the glow of the braziers. The mock oranges and lilacs of Narcisse’s trellis blanketed us beneath their scent. We lay on the grass like children. We made no promises, spoke no words of love, though he was gentle, almost passionless, moving instead with a slow sweetness along my body, lapping my skin with fluttering of the tongue. […] For the moment, simple wonder; at myself lying naked in the grass, at the silent man beside me, at the immensity above and the immensity within. We lay for a long time, Roux and I, until our sweat cooled and little insects ran across our bodies, and we smelled lavender and thyme...
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