Topics: Middle Ages, Virtue, Castle Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Is Chivalry Dead? Chivalry is still a part of today's society. The idea of respect for women still remains in today's society. Women have gained respect since the Middle Ages, when the idea of chivalry first began. Men are on their best behavior when in the presence of women. Women have more opportunities in today's society than in the past. Men will go out of their way to express their respect for women. These are some ways that men show their respect for women. Men show respect toward women by acting like gentlemen when women are present. “Chivalry is the generic term for the knightly system of the Middle Ages and for virtues and qualities it inspired in its followers”. So in the name the advancement of women suffrage, men must revert back to the medieval way from a monarchist system even though the United States clearly believe in democracy. Men should be like the princes on Disney. Dashing, charming, and chivalrous are just a few traits. If men want to be treated as if they are the almighty kings of the household then we women should be treated like the female equivalent: queens. But in our corrupt, incredibly confusing, demeaning, hypocritical society if we want things one way there are a million reasons why we shouldn’t have it that way. Oh, want to reanimate chivalry? You cannot because, “I am an independent woman. I don’t need no man doing things for me.” You cannot because, “Why should I help you do this or that? You’re capable right?” You can’t because, “Global warming.” It’s an increasing problem, people! Chivalry is found everywhere. People just don’t seem to realize it. I agree it’s hard to find, but if you look at some small actions people make it s there. Maybe the younger generation has less of it than men who are older. Men who are older probably have more experience and know how to be polite and respectful. They also are probably wiser than some of the younger people. If you go to a restaurant, you’ll probably see an older man (not just elders,...
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