Chitra Banerjee - New Woman Fiction Writer

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  • Published : September 28, 2010
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The knowledge of English language and English Literature in India was the root cause behind growth and expansion of Indian English Literature. A brilliant teacher like Dezurio unfolded the richness of Shakespeare to Indian students. For Raja Ram mohan Roy English was the language for documentation of histories and personal reflections. Later writers like Michael Madusudhan Dutt, Dutt family and toru dutt, Behramji Malahari and Govardhan Tripati joined the Brigade. Indian English Fiction marked its beginning with short stories collection of Soshee Chandra Dutt and historical novel “Sanjogita” by K.K. Sinha. Tagore with his sanity, Mahatma Gandhi with his ethics of truth and nonviolence, Sri Aurobindo with doctrine of spiritual evolution of man, Mulk raj Anand with his hope of a brilliant present, R. K. Narayan and Raja Rao with their artistic excellence provided the seeds for the ripening of Indian English Literature. Where men were showering this country with new language for literature women writers like Krupabai Salthianadhan, Cornelia Sorabji, and Sarojini Naidu proved that from earlier time women were no less than men in any front. Though our society was a male dominating society but with the evolution of Indian English Literature and Indian Fiction writing, Indian women also emerged in different character shades. In his novel “Rajmohan’s wife” Bankim Chandra Chattopadhya presented Malini as a bold protagonist of that time who knows how to speak her mind. In his short story Raja Ram Mohan Roy presented Janvi as a low caste widow who was neglected by her own brother but accepted by a Brahmin family. Kamala Markandaya’s Rukmani in “Nector in a Sieve” was a farmer’s woman who shows extraordinary courage and skills during drought and floods. Mulk Raj Anand’s Gauri was story of growth of consciousness of a woman. With the progressing decades writers like Anita Desai, Shashi Despande added some more colours in different shades of women. Where “Voices of the City”...
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