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  • Published : April 9, 2012
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In such a short span of time Chipotle has established itself as one of the fastest growing fast food chains in the World today. Since its inception, Chipotle has been known for its imagery, décor, innovative recipes, hybrid American-Mexican ambience and other trademark features that exert a structuring influence on other fast food chains and the consumption experience that they afford to their clientele Figure 1: Showing the factors influencing a BRAND. (Explained in the next page) Brand Culture

What does the brand signify? What are the tangible and intangible properties owned by the brand? Personality of the brand Positioning of the brand Relationship with the brand What are the key strengths and weaknesses? Threats that exist

Understanding the competitive environment Personality of competitive set. Positioning of the competitive set. What is the edge or the lack of it that competition accords? What are the threats in this environment?

What are the triggers and barriers to the category? What are the parameters of evaluation within the category? Example the Hygiene and delight factors Category (other restaurants) threats

(Fast food restaurants)

In Order to study the Servicescape model of chipotle, we need to understand the brand culture of the organisation. For this we need to do a due diligence by looking into the relationship between the brand, the customer and the environment category in which it operates. We looked into the following questions pertaining to this: (Refer the diagram in the previous page) The term servicescape connotes a physical material setting designed and build to shape consumption behaviour. The servicescape is a human built environment,...
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