Chipotle Mexican Grill Ad Campaign

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Chipotle Mexican Grill
Advertising Campaign Planning & Management
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I. Executive Summary
The American famous fast food brand Chipotle plans to enter the Singapore market in 2011 and they decide to develop a comprehensive advertising campaign when the restaurant launch in Singapore. The campaign will start from marketing research in June, 2011 and end in March, 2012. This assignment will begin with the part of situation analysis. The writer collects information to understand the current condition of Chipotle Mexican Grill and what kind of situation it will face with in fire new market. Through current user profile, we know the target audience of the company. The production evaluation provides the information of the brand strategies, price, product and distribution policy of Chipotle. The assignment also points out the competitors in Singapore—Subway and Wendy’s. Quantitative and qualitative research well be done to understand the demographic information and lifestyle of customers in different class. How to plan the brand image and create brand awareness among Singaporeans are the most important things we considered. To find out the weaknesses and strengths can help us to develop our advertising campaign. To set up the marketing objective and strategies, we have a clearly market goal and the way to reach it. The business tools are used to improve the product and restaurant to make it more suitable for the Singapore market. The big idea of our campaign is “change”. As a brand of Mexican food, Chipotle still has great market potential in Singapore. The media advertising will be started in October when the first Chipotle restaurant open. The sales promotion, direct marketing and interactive media event will be coordinated with advertising to improve sales. The ad campaign also includes a flowchart and a total budget schedule to list how much cost for the all campaign. At the end of the assignment, our agency will do a location recommendation for Chipotle, to list the best place of build the business in Singapore. There is an evaluation to test the result of our campaign.

II. Situation Analysis
A. Current Users Profile
Stephanie is living in Palo Alto, California. She likes to buy burritos in a chipotle restaurant which located in EL Camino Real. Stephanie is 25 years old and graduated for Stanford University. Her hometown is Chicago, Illinois. She comes from a Christian family. She is unmarried and has no child. Now she works for a cell phone application development company as a programmer. Her income is $42,000 for one year and it will be increased 5% annually. Stephanie has a boyfriend. They have a stable relationship. Both of them have hectic jobs but they reserve time to have date, getting together or going to the movies. Stephanie usually plays with her friends at the weekend for drinks or shopping. Also, she enjoys parties. Her major interest is to enjoy delicious food and try new opening restaurants. Stephanie prefers reading instead of spending time for surfing the internet when she was along, but she used to communicate with net-friends on Web2.0 websites. Generally, Stephanie is guided in her choices by abstract and idealized criteria. Stephanie reads two magazines every month: Time and PC magazine. New York Time is her favorite newspaper. She likes to listening KZSU Stanford Radio 90.1FM which broadcasts news, sports and music when she is driving. Stephanie watches weekly drama Lost, CSI, and the reality TV singing competition American Idol in the evening. The last great book she read is Season of Migration to the North. Her favorite websites are and NY She checks her email every day. Stephanie has a strong emotion tie to the Chipotle brand. In her hometown, there was a Chipotle 3 blocks from her house. When she was a student, she did a part-time job in Chipotle on holidays. She goes to Chipotle at...
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