Chipotle Efa & Ifa Analysis

Topics: Chipotle Mexican Grill, Food, Chipotle Pages: 4 (683 words) Published: December 7, 2010
Problem Statement:
Chipotle’s position being a leader in Mexican Restaurant Quick service industry is being threatened by less customer visit frequency; company should try new multi-cuisine food to fit into existing successful Model.

To increase customer visit frequency & gain new food lovers & customers, Chipotle should expand its stores or open new line of multi-cuisine restaurant to serve its valued customers by maintaining its quality & standards.

Analysis Plan / Solution Approach:
To achieve this , Chipotle should try out opening a new restaurant in different places in the country and consider inputs and values from customers who visit the stores and introduce different menus depending on taste & choise of customers from the External & Internal factors on next page.

Data Used / Key Assumptions:
The data used comes from the current strategy maps, mission statement & history of Chipotle’s restaurants. Additional data comes from my experience with Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc and its website.

Chipotle was a successful business model in quick service restaurant industry but they had focused on Mexican food variety and have not targeted all customers by implementing multi cuisines in the stores

Recommendation to Management:
I would recommend management to open stores by taking surveys from the public or current customers who visit the stores, and consider all valuable inputs from them and try to open few stores instead of opening one multi-cuisine store in most of state’s capital cities.

As Chipotle had already proven their success in quick service food industry by serving quality food , customers are ready to pay & eat good multi-cuisine food from them.
As no other quick service food industry is trying this approach it should try to act fast and penetrate into market before potential entrants copies this model.

|External Factors |Weight...
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