Chinese Water Scarcity

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In my opinion, China is threatened by the fresh water scarcity problem right now. According to this, I will try to design a best way which is suitable for China to solve this issue by comparing and contrasting different countries’ methods. I have collected some background information from the internet and extracted the main idea into a form. After analyzing it, I have reached a conclusion that reducing the factories which are creating pollutant into the rivers or lakes by establishing a special legal system is the most suitable way for China. This is a convenient and long-lasting project. 1. Introduction

Table 1.0 Solution to solve water scarcity
| |Water supply |Water demand | |Increase water supply |↑ |Same | |Decrease water demand |Same |↓ | |both |↑ |↓ |

The purpose of the research is to find the information about water scarcity and to improve the water scarcity problem in China. I choose to increase the water supply as my original solution, and I have develped a creative solution based on the original one. As a result, the thesis of my research is to reduce the polluted water which comes from the factories is a effective way to improve the fresh water scarcity. Aquatic ecosystems cover about 70 percent of the Earth's surface. There are many kinds of animal life in the aquatic systems including microscopic zooplankton and all sizes of marine mammals. (eHow ND) 2.0 Methodology

China is now facing increasingly severe water scarcity problem, especially in the northern part of China. The character of China's water scarcity is the insufficiency of local water resources and the water quality which is decreasing because of the water pollution. (Jiang 2009) Due to the increasing population and the developing of many big cities in China, Chinese government must take action as soon as possible to improve the situation although it is a long-term task. In my opinion, the easiest way to improve this problem in a relatively short time is to establish a certain policy system so that the factories which create a lot of pollution can be reduced. This method can also save a lot of time and money. All that Chinese government has to do is just check if the local government is following the rules. There are several data sources such as the internet, textbooks of science from last semester, and I will also collect some information and experience from other countries' methods so that I can compare them in different situation to find the most effective way. The data that I have collected has helped me a lot to analyze the problem. This includes other countries’ methods to solve the issue. Then I compare them all to try to figure out which way is the most suitable for the situation in China. To sum up, the information that I got from several ways is really useful for me. 3. Findings

Table 2.0 Three main fresh water issues in China
| |Description |Current plans | |Issue #1 |Wastewater pollution |Wastewater improvement project | |Issue #2 |Pollution of fresh water lakes |Ge help from Asian Development Bank | |Issue #3 |Uneven distribution of fresh water |South-to-north water diversion project |

Here are three main fresh water issues in China. First is about the wastewater pollution in China. For example, Tianjin is the third largest industrial city in China. However, the whole city’s drainage system and its wastewater treatment are far behind its industrial development. In order to deal with the problem, Tianjin Municipal Government has introduced a waste water improvement project, the World...
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