Chinese Student Experience with Searching Academic Resource--Proposal

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Assessment Word Count ________3976__________ Coursework submitted after the maximum period will receive zero marks. Your assignment has a word count limit. A deduction of 3 marks will be applied for coursework that is 5% or more above or below the word count as specified above or that does not state the word count. These deduction procedures are detailed in the Students' Handbook.

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INF314 coursework: Critique of a previous dissertation

Introduction: Details of the dissertation for which you are providing a critique:

Author (year) : LIPENG WANG (2011)|
Reason for choice:
1. This dissertation have similar topic with mine, I think I can access valuable parts from this dissertation. 2. Compare with other dissertations, this more focus on academic context and International students’ behaviour, which is relevant to my dissertation area. 3. We use both questionnaire and interview to collect data. 4. According to author’s reference, I probably can find the useful sources to my dissertation.

Comments on the dissertation:

Provide a brief discussion of each of the following aspects of the dissertation

Clarity of focus and context|
The focus of this dissertation is not clear, the aim which he mentioned from the beginning is international students’ information behaviour in a practical academic context, however, some examples he picked up from interview that seems like how to solve the problem when you write your dissertation. The context of each part should be more syncretic. For instance, he should relate his results analysis with current information behaviour model which he found in literature.I think he use too many paragraph to introduce the basic information about methodology. He should do more about what he had been done.| Engagement with the literatureHe separated this in four parts, which are related with his aim of this study. First part about information behaviour model, I think he read lots of books to find different model, he pick up four model, compare with each other, the literature use in this part is good. Then he analysis the international students information behaviour, gave the problems and solutions. In third part, he connected information behaviour model and students’ information behaviour, especially on academic context. However, I think there are not too many literatures about international information behaviour with the model he mentioned. In total, the literatures he used are good.| |

Methodology and Implementation|
He used both questionnaire and interview way to collect the data. 70 participants in this questionnaire survey, however just 52 valid completed respondents. I think the problem is the style of his questionnaire. There are two drawbacks of this questionnaire. First, all the participants are volunteer, they have not too much time and patient to do your questionnaire, therefore, single choice or multi-choice question could be best...
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