Chinese Mothers

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Why Chinese Mothers are superior

Every parent wants to be proud of their children, to see them succeed in school, music, sports or whatever path they may choose. The professor and the author Amy Chua wrote the essay “Why Chinese mothers are superior”, where she tries to compare western parents to Chinese mothers and their different methods of raising children. Plenty of the people reading this essay may get the wrong idea and misunderstand, when Amy Chua tries to present Western parents as bad parents who don’t know how to raise successful children. This is not her intension with the essay. Amy Chua emphasizes in her article that Chinese parents are good and capable at raising stereotypically successful children. (p. 1 l. 11). The essay is excerpted from the book “Battle Hymn of the tiger mother” by Amy Chua.

In Amy Chua’s hope of making the difference between Western parents and Chinese parents clear she uses arguments indicating studies and percentages. Even though they have set certain rules for their children to abide by, she tries to stress that for example Chinese parents spend a lot more time with their children doing academic activities. Because of this Amy Chua claims that Western children more often would be involved in some kind of sport and are in other words being less academic. (p.2 l. 11-13).

Amy Chua declares things aren’t fun until you’re good at it, (p. 2 l. 15). Children alone would prefer to avoid working hard. Therefore the main responsibility belongs to the parents, in the most Chinese parental theories. The parents have to ensure that their children do not waste their time, but use it for homework and practice. This appears to be following the different mind-sets that Amy Chua also mentions in her article. You can relate the fact that Chinese parents are more in control over their children and therefore will better get away with their impact and honest opinion about them, or their test results from school. As Amy Chua says the...
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