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Persuasive Speech Outline
Better Life
October 26, 2012
Specific Purpose: To persuade my classmates that Eastern Medicine is able to provide him or her better living and avoid expensive health care. Thesis Statement: Eastern Medicine is able to provide better life for the patients, and it has the potential to cure long-term chronic disease or illness.

Attention Getter: Eastern Chinese can also be called Traditional Chinese Medicine. According to National Center of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Chinese Medicine has evolved over thousands of years in China. The doctors use herbs, acupuncture, cupping, and other methods to treat wide range of conditions (“Traditional chinese medicine, 2010”). Relevance: Everyone needs health care anytime in his or her lifetime. And, he or she is going to look help from doctors or take pills. The Chinese Medicine is going to help everyone to improve his or her health condition. Credibility: I am currently doing research on the herbs in Purdue University and Taiwan. There are more than hundreds of medical herbs. So, I am interested in how the Thesis: Eastern Medicine is able to provide better life for the patients, and it has the potential to cure cancer. Transition: First, let’s take a look at how the medicine improve the patients’ lives compare to United States medicine. Body:

I. Eastern Medicine provides less time in hospital and improves your quality of life. a. Chinese Medicine focuses on “prevention before diseases rather than treating diseases” (Pengjian, 2009) b. Most of the herbs are not only without toxicity or side effects because they are mainly from the original medications of nature. i. The medicine is not industrial manufacture. They are made directly from natural herbs. c. Everyone’s prescription is different than others. ii. There is an environmental factor.

iii. There is physique different (Pengjian, 2009).
d. Comparison of...
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