Chinese Imperialism

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  • Published : February 5, 2013
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Chinese Imperialism Fact Sheet
 Why did it start?
Britain became more advanced after the Industrial Revolution and took this to their advantage. Britain wanted to trade with China and receive all of their valuable goods. This all lead to the event that started China imperialism, the First Opium War.

The First Opium War
To achieve their goal, Britain started to trade an addictive drug, opium, to the Chinese. Soon the Chinese became very addicted to this drug and couldn’t stop buying it, causing the government to be enraged. The trading of opium caused damage to its economy and its people. They made new laws to control use of opium and demanded Britain to end the trade. Britain was unwilling to stop claiming their rights of trade. China then instigated the first Opium War.

China isolated themselves from modern society while Britain continued to improve their technology, Britain defeated China without a problem.

As the result of defeat, China had to sign many unfair treaties. The first treaty, the Nanjing Treaty, forced China to pay a huge indemnity (payment due to a loss of a war), open five ports to foreign trade, grant British citizens in China extraterritoriality (the right to live under their own laws and be tried in their own courts), and lastly give up the island Hong Kong.  

Taiping Rebellion
A big impact on the fall of the Qing Dynasty was due to the Taiping Rebellion. This marked the birth of the Chinese nation, reuniting themselves with the rest of society. It is estimated that 20 million to 30 million people were killed in this fourteen year rebellion lead by Hong Xiuquan. Life was getting hard for the peasants when a massive flooding occurred. The taxes rose and they despised their Manchu conquerors that didn’t aid them in their conquest to rid of their British rulers. Tired of what was going on around them, the peasants wanted to make everyone equal. They started the Taiping Rebellion in Guangxi in the year 1850. After they dug...
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