Chinese Food Industry and Market Report

Topics: Food, Chinese cuisine, Food industry Pages: 78 (22604 words) Published: June 9, 2012
Chinese Food Industry and Market Report
Ying Bin
& Xia Ni, Tong Wentao, Hu Linqing, Du Peng, Lu Liaoyuan, Yan Jihong

LIFS, Lund University, Sweden Zhongnan University of Economics & Law, China

July 1st, 2006

China is a country in transition that is developing rapidly. Although China became a net export country of food after 1980’s, the import and export scales of foods keep growing for many years. In 2005, the food trade scale has reached 44.28 Billion US$ with a growth rate of 18.4% from 2000 to 2005. According to IGD, China will become the world’s second largest food retail market by 2020 behind the US. With increasing income and changing lifestyles, the food consumption pattern and meal structure both changed a lot recent years. The report will analyze the development of Chinese food industry and food market, Chinese food culture and characteristics of food consumption behavior. The report has five parts: Part One analyzes the food culture of China, which is the basic of understanding all the things related to food and meal in China. It includes the traditional food culture, the differences between different areas in China and the differences between China and western countries. Part Two introduces the development of Chinese food industry, including the history and the future of Chinese food industry. It also analyzes the import and export situations of Chinese food market. Part Three introduces the development and characteristics of Chinese food market. It analyzes five important food markets in China, including functional food market, green food market, fast food market, children food market and grey food market. Part Four analyzes the characteristics of Chinese’s consumer behavior when buying foods after introducing the changes of food consumption pattern in China and the new trends of the food consumption. As part three has analyzed the food consumption of children and elderly people, this part focus on the food consumption of youth people. Part Five introduces the situation of Chinese food safety, analyzes the causes and solutions of the food safety problem. It also analyzes the GM food in China deeply.


Part One Chinese Food Culture 1.1 Chinese Traditional Food Culture ······················································· 2 1.2 Domestic Differences of Chinese Food Culture ······························ 8 1.3 Difference between China and the West·········································· 11 Part Two China Food Industry

2.1 Definition and Classification of Food ·············································· 27 2.2 Development of Chinese Food Industry ·········································· 29 2.3 Import and Export of Chinese Food Market··································· 40 2.4 The Future of Chinese Food Industry ·············································· 48 Part Three China Food Market

3.1 Current Situation of Chinese Food Market ····································· 61 3.2 Chinese Functional Food Market ······················································ 81 3.3 Chinese Green Food Market ······························································ 97 3.4 Chinese Fast Food Market ································································ 113 3.5 Chinese Children Food Market ······················································· 126 3.6 Chinese Grey Food Market ······························································ 137 Part Four Consumer Behavior Research 4.1 Introduction to food consumption ·················································· 150 4.2 Trends of Chinese residents’ food consumption ·························· 153 4.3 Characteristics of Chinese’s Consumer Behavior ······················· 154 4.4 Food consumption behavior of young people ·························· 161 iii

Part Five

Chinese Food Safety Status

5.1 The status quo of Chinese food safety problem ··························· 145 5.2 The causes of Chinese food...
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