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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Key factors of success include five steps: company positioning; identify the key factors of success; collection the information about key factors of success; Compare and assessment the key factors of success; developing a plan. “Pure driving pleasure” it is the BMW’s different brand positioning. These pursuits contain a number of important factors: design, power and technology. Those factors give BMW new images is “Noble, young, dynamic.” Thus it is distinguished from traditional brand. “The new image of success” is the positioning of BMW in China. This positioning help the BMW to avoid some strong competitors such like Benz. This strategy has been a huge success. Through the analysis of the BMW company positioning, and the strategic goal of entering the Asian market. I think there three main factors: the first is the impact of the Chinese economic environment. Per capita disposable incomes of China, Urbanization trends are important factors to drive the luxury car market growth. the second, the success of BMW’s own models, Whether it is the X1 X3 X5 and other SUV, or specifically for the Chinese market modal, have been generally recognized by consumers. The third, in recent years, BMW’s marketing strategy and brand promotion in the Chinese market is also successful. Compared with the first two reasons, the third factor in change initiative strong, April, 2010, BMW first introduced the slogan of the BMW club. This slogan involved driving pleasure, dreams come true, responsibility and sharing. It represents innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of optimism. This slogan rich connotations of the BMW brand, and efficient completion of the effective docking of the luxury car brand and target customer, laid the foundation for BMW sales. In March this year, BMW sales 30593 cars in china, an increase of 41.1%; at the same time the Audi sales is 31245, Benz sales is 19080. it is easy to see, BMW and Audi sales gap is gradually...
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