Chinese Farmer

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Chinese Farmer
Darrick Malone EG-462/ Contemporary World Culture Mr. McCray April 14, 2012

My life as a Chinese farmer near Ninetree Village has been very fascinating throughout my life time. The village that is located near a small valley, bordered by a dense bamboo forest which is in South-eastern China. My whole life has been surrounded by farming. My father was a farmer, he taught my brother and me everything there is to know about farming. Now, I guess I can say it is my time, as a farmer to raise a family. My family consists of four children aging from ten to seventeen years old and my wife of 25 years. The well-being of my family has changed for the better over the past few years but we still continue to lack major necessities from health care. We are fortunate to have money to buy food and clothes at times. My typical day as a farmer has been a routine that I have mastered over the years after being raised on a farm with my parents. The day generally starts out at 6:00 am in the morning each day, after an early breakfast. After breakfast, I head out to the fields gathering the broccoli and potatoes for the day so I can bring them home and prepare our family’s dinner. I would usually have some spare time to do mild repairs in the village or just relax and spend a little more time with my family. Usually, we will have fresh vegetables and beef or chicken for our meal. Normally, we can afford to buy meat within the local village shops and markets. The shops within the village offer a variety of things to be creative with. Technological advances have made our lives better the beginning of the decade. My family has been able to have access to computers, the internet, and cell phones...
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