Chinese Dynasties

Topics: Sui Dynasty, Yangtze River, China Pages: 2 (251 words) Published: December 9, 2012
AP World History Ch. 15
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The Sui Dynasty (589-618 C.E.)

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| |-Ruler, Yang Jian, extended his rule to the rest of China | | |-580, Jian died, and his son was heir | |Establishment of the Dynasty |-Jian had sent military expeditions into central Asia and southern China | | |-589, Sui Dynasty ruled all of China | | |-Emperors of Sui demanded the building of palaces and granaries, defensive walls, | | |dispatched military forces, levied taxes, and labor services | | |-World’s largest waterworks projects before modern times | | |-Helped trade between northern and southern China to make more rice and other food | |The Grand Canal |crops from the Yangzi River available to people from the north | | |-Was a series of artificial waterways | | |-Started from Hangzhou in the south to Chang’an in the west, to Beijing in the north | | |-2,000 km long and 40 paces wide w/roads on each side | | |-Integrated the economics for the north and the south | |...
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