Chinese Culture and Management

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Chinese Culture and Management
Before entering Chinese’s market, you should investigate Chinese’s market and society deeply, especially Chinese traditional culture and customs such as guanxi and mianzi, because there are many differences between Chinese and Newzealand culture. To do better in China, you can operate with local corporations to adapt Chinese’s market at the beginning. A good cooperative partner can help you reduce much risk and protect your capital in many ways. It is important to learn to how to deal with guanxi and give enough mianzi to Chinese. It is both about respect. Firstly, you should keep a good relation with local staff. Managers in your company ought to develop and deepen corporate image and core value among staff. Because staffs that used to be educated in Chinese’s mode always differ from western management mode, they have difficulty in integrating in western culture. Managers should let staff know more about their company and build a home-like company to create a united and harmony atmosphere which is beneficial to encourage them to work harder. For instance, if you disagree with someone’s advice at meeting, you should affirm his kindness and then chat with him in secret instead of rejecting any staff’s advice immediately. Secondly, you should give your clients enough mianzi. For example, when you are negotiating and signing a contract, you should make a concession to show comity regardless of how small it is. We think both of us stepping back are to give mianzi to each other, which is counted as a harmony and satisfied trade. When other companies invite you to participate in some events, you should assign someone to go to participate. Sometime, you can give away some practical presents to your client to show your friendship. Thirdly, you should have guanxi with local officials, which is more like network and reputation in western. Chinese officers have more power than officers in other countries. You can use officers’...
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