Chinese Culture

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  • Published : January 23, 2000
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Throughout China's
encased history it has developed much differently than
western parts of the world. Chinese culture varies greatly
compared to ours. These great differences between eastern
culture and western culture make China a very interesting
place. Some of the vast differences include literature, social structure, and government. The greatest difference is
Chinese philosophy and way of thinking. China has
developed a strict system of tradition that has given China
great advantages and disadvantages. This is shown in
Chinese literature. Tradition in China is a set of unwritten laws. This is why China turned its eyes from the outside
world and looked in. China found everything it needed in
Tradition (4). The strong traditions and customs play
probably the greatest factor in the life of a Chinese person. This strict philosophy influences marriage, children, family, and duty in life. Marriage is much different and has different levels of companionship. One man may have many wives

and or concubines. The status of these wives and concubines
are very important. The lower you are on the husband's list
the lower you were treated (1). When in a marriage if you
were having children a son would be most desirable for you
to have. You would be thought better of if you produced a
son. This shows the male dominance in Chinese culture.
Once a son was born the expectations for him were great.
He was supposed to learn all great literature and be very
scholarly (2). A girl, also was supposed to be raise to
appreciate art and literature. Most of all though children
were supposed to respect tradition. The traditions gave one
a feeling of not the individual but the whole as a group.
People grew up knowing their part in the world and strive to do that well. They learn to acknowledge their emperor as the "Son of Heaven" (4). Everything someone does, is done for
their county, and their duty in life. Chinese literature shows that when everything is done for...
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