Chinese Cinderella

Topics: 2000 albums, Holy of Holies Pages: 3 (626 words) Published: February 23, 2012
Chinese Cinderella

1) Characters 
a) Adeline 
i) She hides her embarrassment – “I had forgotten” 
ii) She is respectful of her father / in awe of her father - "He looked radiant. For once, he was proud of me" (line 58). "I had given him face." (line 58-59). iii) She agrees with her father almost without question to go to England  iv) She is surprised at being invited to enter the “Holy of Holies” – Her father’s room which in the book she refers to as the “Holy of Holies" - in the novel her father never invites Adeline and her siblings from the previous wife, but welcomes children of the current wife. v) At the start of the extract she was expecting that someone had died- for someone who hasn’t read the book I think this can be interpreted as a pessimistic thought  b) Adeline’s father 

i) Shows the characteristics of a typical/stereotypical Chinese father.  (1) Very strict with his children 
(2) Tends to love only some of his children, usually male children  (3) Believes that all of his child’s achievements are because of his doing. –(e.g. Adeline winning the writing competition was his doing.) 

2) Themes and Motifs 
a) Detached Family 
i) Line 53-54 
ii) “How come you won” – Seems like father doubts his daughter’s achievements.  iii) “Don’t look so scared” – “scared” shows Adeline’s fear in turn suggesting there is a distance between family members  iv) ““See me in his room?” I was overwhelmed by the thought that I had been summoned by Father to enter the Holy of Holies”  v) She does not even know that the “elegant villa” is her home. “Our car stopped at an elegant villa… “Where are we?” 

b) Chinese Culture or Religion 
i) “does it matter what you do after you go to heaven” – Religion (Catholic)  ii) “summoned”- Chinese religion/ culture 

c) Motifs 
i) Dreams vs. Nightmare 
(1) “nightmare” 
(2) “heaven”- associated with a ‘deep eternal slumber’ or ‘dream-like’  (3) “Am I dreaming” 
(4) “I only had to stretch out my hand to reach the...
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