Chinese Calligraphy and Painting

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1. Introduction 2

2. Chinese Scroll Painting 3
2.1. Types of Chinese Scroll Painting 3
2.2. Procedures of Chinese Scroll Mounting 3
2.3. Reminders of Display Chinese Scroll Paintings 4

3. Paper 5
3.1. Selecting Paper for Chinese Calligraphy and Painting 5
3.2. Shuan Paper 6

4. Chinese Painting and Mounting 6
4.1. Significance of Mounting Chinese Painting and Calligraphy 6
4.2. Framed in Wood 7
4.3. Mount in Your Own 7

5. Inscription 8

6. Conclusion 9

7. Reference 10

1. Introduction

What is Chinese calligraphy painting? Chinese calligraphy painting can also be called as Chinese calligraphy, is the trait of Chinese characters. It could be traced back to more than 8,000 years ago. Mainly it is based on Chinese characters, following some laws to express the personality, emotion or style of the calligrapher. It can even reflect the mind of the calligrapher. Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting are regarded as the top of Chinese fine arts, leading other art categories. The relationship between Chinese calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting is very close. Especially after the advent of literati (or scholar) painting in Song and Yuan dynasties, painter laid stress on blending calligraphic skills to painting. This was because the theory of handling a brush is alike with both ink freestyle painting and running hand and cursive style of calligraphy.

The purpose of writing Chinese calligraphy and painting is to know more about their relationship and how they influence people.

2. Chinese Scroll Painting

Chinese scroll painting (juan zhou hua) is mean that after the calligraphy or traditional Chinese painting after mounting as hanging wall scroll, or it could also defined as Chinese calligraphy scrolls or Chinese Scrolls in total. By the size, form and the content, Chinese scroll painting basically include vertically-hang scroll (tiao fu), horizontally-hang scroll (heng pi), long horizontal scroll (shu juan), or an album of paintings (ce ye). And the most common forms are Chinese vertical wall scroll (taifu) and Chinese horizontal wall scroll (heng pi).

3.1. Types of Chinese Scroll Painting

Chinese scroll painting (tiaofu) has been classified in three different types. * One-colour style scroll
* Two-colour style scroll
* Three-colour style scroll
Take Chinese Vertical Hanging Scroll Painting (tiaofu) as an example. From top to bottom, tiaofu includes upper rod (tian gan), upeer border (tian tou), the painting itself (hua xin), lower border (di tou), lower rod (di gan), and knobs (zhou tou). Generally the upper border is wider than the lower one.

3.2. Procedures of Chinese Scroll Mounting

The procedures of Chinese wall scroll mounting including firstly pasting one or few sheets of paper at the back of the calligraphy or painting, this process can give it a smooth appearance also for reinforcing. Secondly, silk brocade of suitable colour is pasted all around the calligraphy or painting to form the borders. Lastly, two sticks are mounted inside at left and right side, this is for the horizontal scroll, attached with ribbons for hanging. However, if the mounted work is vertical, which is the height longer than the width, basically mounter fixes a wooden rod to the bottom of the mounted work. This serves as the weight to hold the calligraphy or painting in place when hung up, and also helps to roll it up. At the top, there is another stick that is smaller in size than the wooden rod is mounted inside, also attached with ribbons.

3.3. Reminder of displaying Chinese Scroll Paintings

Since the traditional Chinese calligraphy or painting is performed on Xuan paper or silk fabrics, it is very...
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