Chinese and Japanese Art

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There are many different things that influenced the early Japanese civilizations but I have chosen a few to discuss here. For starters, let’s discuss religion and some of the earliest forms of religion in recorded human history. Early Chinese religions were classified into Buddhism and Confucianism. As the culture spread to Japan, citizens of China felt the need to almost force Japan and its citizens to make a choice as to which religion they were going to follow. “Confucianism, a systematic religious belief system, had a lot to say about governance and society and proved attractive for the Japanese,” (Char4u, 2011). As the Japanese found this as a favorable form of religion, they adopted this and have continued with this religion steadfastly.

Another way that China influenced Japanese cultures is the language that is now spoken and written. There was a time when Japan did not have a form of written communication or recording. This did not sit well with citizens of China as they had their system of written communication established and felt that other nations and countries needed this. This was considered a favorable change by the emperor at the time and not only did it give Japan a chance to be able to record historic events, it also gave them a chance to provide a sort of unity or a feeling of togetherness in a nation that needed unity.

Another way that Japan benefitted from the influence of China was how they helped to form and organize a form of government. “The method of organization of the Imperial Court, a significant element of ancient Chinese culture, was also adopted by the Japanese,” (Char4u, 2011). The fact that Japan adopted the Chinese system of government showed a lot of cooperation between these two nations. As they adopted this form of government, they also used ideas on how to irrigate their fields to knowing how to effectively plan out their system of roads.

I can think of one large way that Chinese and Japanese culture has influenced...
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