Chinas One Child Policy

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Ashley Lynch China’s One Child Policy
Could you imagine your leader making up rules about your family? It seems impossible and inhumane, but this is exactly what they are doing in China. China implemented a “one child policy” in the late 1970s in response to a growing crisis created by rapidly exploding population growth (Piper). Essentially the one child policy is not a law but enforced with punishments. This policy allows families to only have one child. Of course in every policy comes something good and something bad. You must be thinking what cruel minds could come up with such a rule, but they actually had the countries well being in mind. Before the policy, there was a huge surge in population, and people were now living longer due to new medicines. The population of people 65 years old was only 66 million people in 1990, and grew to 90 million by 2000 and is expected to grow another 167 million people by 2020!(Valerie & Danielle). Unless China limits its population growth, far more children would be born than China would be able to feed, house, educate, or employ. Today even with the policy the population is still growing but has slowed down quite a bit. The reason behind why China’s population is still growing is because people in rural areas are still allowed to have as many children as they would like and also, minorities do not have the policy restrictions (Piper). Over the past 10 years China’s population has still grown 74 million people! (Pg12 Kalman) The one child policy brought along some pros and cons. A pro to the policy is there are fewer younger children, which means when the elderly pass away there won’t be as much of a younger generation to fill their place, which in turn will keep from a huge population increase. A con to the policy is since families can only have one child they spoil their children. They even call them little...
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