Chinas One Child Policy

Topics: One-child policy, Demography, Policy Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: January 29, 2013
The China’s “one-child” policy was introduced as a government policy in the country in 1979 .This work aims to briefly provide an overview of the policy and the reasons for its introduction, followed by a full paged assignment of the policy and its evolution within the last ten years. This latter assignment focuses on how it has increased, whether the policy is still necessary within China and possible alternative as searched by the surrounding literature.

Vander put ten indicates that the policy was selected for ton of reasons including an attempt to ‘control the high population growth and the social and economical problems that it caused for the People’s Republic of China. However, the policy has stirred up trouble. It has been argued that the introduction of the policy has led to crucial changes in family structure, the problem of an insufficient labor force in the decades to come…and female prematurity and abandonment. It is perhaps this last solution female infanticide and abandonment, which has led to the greatest outrage from concerned global communities.

The problem surrounding the policy, both in China and internationally, has meant that it has never been far from the considering of politicians and scholars directly involved with Chinese governance. .As well as the problem, the nature of the policy, occurring within a communist giant and as the ‘first known instance of scientific policymaking’ Green high 308 has meant that the creation of this policy and its evolution has represented a ‘key moment in the evolution of the policy process and of political reason’ (Green high 308). The moral and political dilemmas, that the one child policy has also cost finical depressions. Ironically it is possible that the one child policy was not necessary to curb population growth in china. Feng Wang of the Brookings institute in Beijing has compared fertility rates in china with those in other countries that have not resorted to...
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