China's One-Child Policy

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  • Published : February 2, 2013
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China’s issue with overpopulation has been a difficult problem to solve for a long time. The Chinese population is one fifth of the world’s population, and China has the biggest land in Asia. Population’s increasing role in consumption can have serious environmental affects on one nation. Moreover, as people consume more, if the population increases more and more, it can cause exhaustion of resources, pollution by industries, decrease the supply of food and hurt the environment. China was overpopulated sharply before the Chinese government provided the family planning policy of "one child per family". Because of overpopulation, the Chinese government needed to provide the family planning policy of "one child per family." However, the policy caused some side effects on the population. The results are imbalance between developed and undeveloped areas, unbalance of male and female, preference of bearing only male children and increasing of selective-sex abortions. Although China has succeeded with its “one child” policy in the eastern area, the western area of China which is undeveloped still has couples who have two or even more than three children. The eastern area’s residents who live in big cities adhere easily to “one child per a family” policy, but western area’s residents who live in rural area need more than one child. If they have only one child, they cannot be productive in their agriculture; Also the preference of bearing only male children caused an unbalance of male and female, and many illegal abortions of girls. According to Kahn, “Selective-sex abortions are illegal but widespread. China today has the most sexually skewed adolescent and young adult populations in the world; boys outnumber girls at birth by a ratio of 118 to 100, according to China’s 2000 census.” (2004,p. 2). In these problems, what is the role of the Chinese government? Actually, even though the government has successfully decreased the rise of their population by family planning...
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