China's New Confucianism

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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China’s new Confucianism
Confucianism is one of the most powerful leading mindsets in imperial China. It was produced by Confucius, and his students who wrote it down what Confucius said in thousands years before. Confucianism affects most of Chinese people about behaviors, educations, and mindsets in many generations. Countries and cultures strongly influences by Confucianism including Taiwan, Korea, Japan , Vietnam, and Singapore. The book “China’s New Confucianism” by Daniel A. Bell is talking about what is “New Confucianism” in Bell’s meaning, and it is difference to another authors’ “New Confucianism”. Daniel A. Bell was the first foreigner hired since the Cultural Revolution to teach humanities at QingHua University in philosophy department start from the year of 2004 in Beijing. Basic on his Chinese life experience, learning and research, he wrote this book. In “China’s New Confucianism”, he tries to use New Confucianism to discuss regarding China’s political, social, and educations problems. He wants to explain why leaders of china are touching on the relevance of laws to this vision of Confucianism as everyday social practice.

One of the main points that Bell discusses in New Confucianism, which is the most puzzling features of East Asian societies is that they seem both rigidly hierarchical and egalitarian ritual. The egalitarian ritual is one of the cores in Confucianism, and it affected most of Asian people. As like Bell ask “‘who pays at a dinner gathering?’ ‘who takes care of family obligations?’ ‘who takes care of the unemployed?’” Those are normal questions when people confused what they should do. If they learn the Confucianism, they will get the answer right away. Older brother has responsibility to take care the younger brother, working person should take care of the unemployed in the same family, and younger people must respect older people or more life experience people. This is egalitarian ritual that East Asian people follow....
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