China a Rising Power

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China Rise to Power:
China, also known as the Dragon, have over the past number of years been developing as an economic power. The policies of the Chinese government have been to stimulate growth, especially in the manufacturing sector, resulting in them coining the phrase, The Rise of the Dragon.

The dragon relates to China as it is comparable to the Chinese race. Dragons are referred to as divine mythical creatures that bring abundance, prosperity and symbolize power, excellence, valence, boldness, heroism, and perseverance. (3.) The Chinese proudly proclaim themselves as descendants of the dragon. This can be related to the Chinese as they have a large population and persevere for the best. China has the world’s largest population of over 1,348,930,000 people recorded on the 17 January 2012. Only 2.8% live in poverty and its literacy rate is 94.6% (2). China is ranked as the world’s number 1 labour force. They also succeed with a 10.2% economic growth rate yearly over the last 10 years. Many countries would only dream of these growth rates especially as China has the world’s largest population.

America barely holding its rank as 1st place of global economies is losing ground to China in influence, research and hi-tech manufacturing. In the last 15 years China has moved from 14th to 2nd place. (3.) China has recently become the leaders in producing cleaner energy through wind and solar power. In 1998 America’s world export market was over 20% while China’s was under 10%. By 2008, only 10 years later, America’s export market had dropped to just less than 15% while China had taken their market to over 20%. At this time, China was able to secure 50% of the demand of the world’s increasing need for equipment and machinery. This extreme growth was able to allow the Chinese to rate themselves as the number one in the global GDP, far outranking the United States who had held this position for many years.

America has always had a strong economic policy...
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