China vs. Philippines

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The discussion made me learn a lot of things about the educational system of China and Philippines. I was excited to learn the educational system of the country called the “Sleeping Giant”- the China. I learned that most of their men in China go to school than their women. Unlike Philippines, women are more zealous to come to school even if they are already married. Even after finishing bachelor’s degree, more women still go to school to continue post graduate study. 

China like Japan, they also have a compulsory education for 9 years. In fact, they made it as a law which took effect on July 1, 1986. I remember this was also the date when Cory Aquino took place as a president and during her regime, free education was also given to the Filipino people and until now the Filipino people are still enjoying free education from pre school to high school but unlike China it wasn’t compulsory, but they have EFA 2015 education for all in 2015 for all Filipino.

China’s basic education is somewhat like the Philippines, they have preschool – 3-6 age, elementary 6-12 years old, Junior high school 12-15 and senior high school 15- 18, Philippines has only 4 years in high school then students can proceed college or universities after finishing high school but the new president, Pnoy, K+12 will be implemented this school’s opening where in kinder plus 12 years in Basic education.’ 6 years in elementary and 6 years in high school which is before is only 4 years. Like the Philippines, China also has special education created for special children. They also have vocational and technical schools like TESDA in Philippines. China also have scholarship grants and loan system in order to aid students who aspire to finish schooling. In the Philippines, scholarship is also given. My daughter Cindy, is one of the recipients of ESC grant of the government from first year to fourth year high school and now she is about to graduate and I...
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