China vs. Greece

Topics: Great Wall of China, Han Dynasty, Government Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: December 2, 2010

Every civilization has qualities that make them different from other countries. Whether the religion is different or the laws contain different morals, every country has its differences and similarities. Han China and Greece are two highly successful early civilizations. Both countries have different, but good, opinions and ways of thinking.

Han China and Athens had a great deal of differences just on their physical features. The country of Greece was broken into city-states. The main most important city-state is Athens. Each city-state had mostly mountains and water separating them. The rocky farmland and hills made it good to grow olives and grapes. Other than that, Athens did not have many great aspects in natural resources or size. Although China was larger, it did not split apart into cities. Instead, China stayed a whole Country. To have protection from the north, China built The Great Wall of China. It stretched about 3,000 miles across the northern part of China. The Chinese invented the first paper, pulley, the first large silk industry, and the first studies of the planets and sun spots. Han China was approximately six thousand miles away from Greece. It also had quite a lead over Greece in population. Also the size of Han China appeared much larger than Greece. The total population in Athens adds up to 315,000 people, apposed to Han China who had 65 million people. Han China had 64,685,000 more people than Athens.

The number of citizens in Greece ran low because the requirements were high. Only men could qualify for citizenship and only free males above the age of 18 became citizens. The social class rankings in Greece put males above females, citizens above non-citizens, and slaves at the bottom. In China the social classes were more complex than in Greece. It depended on people’s jobs and education. The emperor and appointed officials ranked...
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