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Topics: Sociology, Ancient Egypt, Social structure Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: February 21, 2013
In ancient China and Egypt, two civilizations came to be. Egypt grew to be a vast empire while the Zhou dynasty was one of the longest lasting Chinese dynasties. They both had many similarities and differences in their social and political structure. The political structure in Egypt was based on a theocracy with a centralized control of administration, while the Zhou had a decentralized administration and left much power in local hands. They both had in common the fact that the leaders of these civilizations were blood related and had a close relationship with the gods. On the social structural end of the civilizations Egypt and the Zhou both had hierarchy’s and class differentiations. Where these two civilizations contrast is the fact that the Zhou was based on a patriarchal society and gave little rights to women while Egypt had slaves and gave their women more rights than the Zhou.

Along the Nile River, Egypt formed a strong, powerful, political system. The government consisted of a theocracy where the Pharaoh, also known as the supreme leader of ancient Egypt, was looked upon as a god. He was believed to be a descendant from the god Osirus. The people believed the gods controlled the forces of nature and were the reasons for the annual flooding which brought a sufficient food supply for the civilization. When these beliefs occurred, they directly related these happenings to the power of the pharaoh. In the Zhou dynasty, their government could also be considered a theocracy; the people looked up to the king as a descendant of the god of Spirit. They used the Mandate of Heaven in which the king was directly related to the gods. The mandate stated that the king only had the mandate of rule if he acted in the interest of his people. If he was weak and was defeated he argued that he lost the power of mandate. The Zhou rulers would also communicate to the Gods through a ritual that consisted of oracle bones. With the outcomes, the king was able to decipher the...
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