China Reconsiders Fairness of Transplant Tourism

Topics: Organ transplant, Ethics, Morality Pages: 3 (720 words) Published: September 9, 2008
The ethical dilemma discussed in the article can be as follows: On one hand, organ transplant operations in China become “transplant tourism” because only wealthy foreigners can afford to get organ transplant in China where there are not enough organs parts for Chinese citizens, or they cannot afford to pay such operations, as health insurance doesn’t pay for them. On the other hand, China’s medical sector is in unstable condition, and foreigners pay fortune to get organ transplant, as a result many doctors and others involved in the transplant industry cannot refuse to do it in order to meet performance goals that can only be attained by acting in unethical manners

In this aspect, the article is relevant about ethical issues surrounding the practice of organ transplant in China: 1-Human Rights
3-Moral Obligations

1-Human Rights:

It’s not fair that wealthy foreigners get organ transplant when not enough are available for Chinese citizens. Moreover, Human Rights oppose the practice of harvesting organs from prisoners condemned to death, so the WHO proposed that countries establish common practices on organ transplant from prisoners. Following to Kantian approaches, those prisoners are like other human beings; they have dignity and need to be respected as well. However, for others, ethical concerns are not priority because organ transplant can save patient’s life. The director general of Medikt, Israeli Co. that help patient to navigate foreign transplant hospitals said “In life, you don’t get a second chance”. He is following utilitarian approaches to ethics, that an action is judged to be desirable if it leads to favorable consequences. But he does not consider justice, so the minority will always be at a disadvantage.


In some cases, hospitals give the priority to rich patients, the act that leads in turn to high failure rates for the operations. Dozens of Israeli patients died after transplants. The moral...
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