China Post 1400's

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  • Published : August 26, 2008
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There are an infinite amount of reasons why China lost its dominant world position post-1400. Leading up to the 1400’s China was the “commander and chief’ of all Counties. They were much more developed and were way more advance than another culture at the time. A few major points as to why China lost its dominant world position would be because, they cut off trade and labeled all others as barbarians, they had a series of brutal power struggles, and Confucian scholars set China down a disastrous path, with their dismantling theories. All of these reasons play a vital role in China’s decline.

After Zheng He’s seven expeditions, Asia went into relative isolation. It was this that laid the groundwork for the rise of Europe and eventually America. Chinese elites disregarded their country as being the median nation for trade, and believe that they had nothing to learn or benefit from the so called “barbarians’ that bordered their country. According to historians, westerners often attribute their economic advantage today to the intelligence, democratic habits or hard work of their forebears, but a more important reason, the folly of the 15th- century Chinese rulers. The Portuguese, were opposite of this, and instead of believing that they had nothing to benefit from the others, they explored the seas and looked it gain knowledge and trade with everyone they came across. This is the key element as to why historians believe the Chinese did not develop globally in the way that Europe did post-1400.

Besides believing that they had nothing to benefit by from others, China also had a series of vicious power struggles. After the Young Emperor died under suspicious circumstances, problems began to flourish. Ultimately, through the brawl for power, the Confucian scholars came out on top. The first thing they did was end Zheng He’s successful voyages, halted the construction of new ships, and imposed curbs on private shipping. To prevent people from reverting, they burned...
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