China Isolated to Western World in 1400s

Topics: Korea, Japan, People's Republic of China Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Beginning in the 1400s, China was isolated from the world's influences for hundreds of years. China had long considered the Europeans to be Babarians and were not interested in goods and ideas in Europe. When the Portuguese first showed up off the coast of China trying to establish trade relations, the Chinese ran away from them calling the Europeans as "Ocean Devils". From the emperor's view, rulers from other countries were "younger brothers" of him. The Chinese recquired the Portuguese for having paid tribute, but the Portuguese refused to offer more tribute, so they were expelled from Guangzhou. The local Chinese officials allowed the Portuguese to settle in Macao and use it as an outpost from which they could trade with China, but direct trade between Europe anfd China remained limited. Qianlong served from 1736 to 1795, he brought China to its largest size, increased its wealth, and sponsored an increase in artistic production. QIanlong had to deal with the matter of trade, the Chinese insisted that Europeans had to follow certain rules in order trading with them. The Dutch were willing to do so, and they carried on the largest share of trade with China. The British, though, did not agree to follow these rules. This disagreement later led to conflict that broke up China's empire. Europeans began to arrive in Japan in 1543. The Portuguese were the first, they brought goods like clocks, eyeglasses, and guns. Japanses merchants and the Daimyo welcomed them at first. Christian missionaries arrived in 1549, some missionaries scorned traditional Japanese beliefs and destroyed local thrines, though. Hideyoshi issued an edict in 1587 prohibiting Christians activities in his lands. Over the next 20 years or so, Japan managed to get rid the country of all Christians, and Japnese Christians were persecuted. This effort became part of a larger plan to protect the country from European influences. Leaders in Japan sealed Japan's border except for one port city -...
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