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China India Relation

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India is first non communist country to develop relationship with china

In1978 ,officially resumed trade
1984, most favoured nation
1994, agreement to avoid double taxation
After this trade relations saw tremendous growth
1995 to 2011 . 0 to 72.96 billion usd
Current growth rate is 21.17 percent between Indian and china In rio 20+ summit in Rio de Janeiro, June 2012, both countries agreed to grow it to 100 billion used before 2015..

China.. Eu, USA,ASEAN, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea , Taiwan, Russia India is number 9 with 2.1 percent.

Indict rare partners, UAE, china
2012 china is the largest exporter to India
Country GDP ppp GDP per capita Population
China 11.29. 8382 1337
India. 4.53. 3652 1233. As per IMF

Main Chinese exports to India
Electrical machi erey
Organic chemicals and inorganic chemicals
Iron and steel and products
Rare earth metals.

Main India export to chins
Iron ore,
Yarn and cotton
Precious stones
Organic chemical
Plastic, salt, sulfur, earth and stone, machinery , reactors ,boilers...

There are some inter Industry export between two countries

India has trade deficit. -40 in 2011..
Trade surplus is always not good.expense of cheap labour, environment, Isis kind of trade surplus is bad for bad .
China export more of capital goods which are equipments.

Why trade with other countries?????
Because we can benefit from them.l
Consumers, mor choices, Cheaper price, better quality,
Over all rise the living standards

To the producers.m. Getting economics of scale...production cost is reduced , encouraging competition... Increasing efficiency and quality.. Overall increasing profits....

To the whole country
Accelerating economic growth,
Increasing employment, upgrading industrial structure ,promoting technical progress,

Why trade with china???????
HugE fast growing...

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