China Government

Topics: Law, Communism, Civil law Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: April 12, 2013
China Government China government is known as Communist state and i s a dominant party in China, Chinese communist par ty is the large political in the world with over 7 0 millions members. Although in China there are fe w minor parties controlled by CCP. "The Communist Party of China is founded mainly on ideology and p olitics" quoted from China Chinese comm unist party do not take any place in the leading s ystem place in government but only can only conduc t any activities under the law. For election, it i s impossible for lower people congress to appoint the higher people congress but for lowest people c ongress the member can be through via popular vote. China and Australia politics seems to have a confl ict diring annual Pacific Islands forum in Ausgust 2009. the reason of this was because Australia ho sted this conference and granted visa for Uighur l eader Rebiya Kadeer to attend to this meeting. Thi s made chinese authorities to be very unhappy, in additional the unsettle Rio Tinto case in July 200 9. This issue consider to be a presure on Australi an companies who are doing business in China or ae w about to enter into this foreign market. Currently one of seneior leader of China didn't be lieve that Chinese judicial system was good enough as it needed to response to current situation the refore the reform would be possibly occured in ver y near future. Any changes of this coming reform c ould have an impact on company's trading. Mataining social stability is also another issue t hat China started to look closely by improving cit izen living standard by ensuring people have acces ses to clean water.

Risk assessment on Political system At the moment political relationship between China and Australia doesn't appear to be benefit Austra lian companies to do any moves at this instant. Ho wever there isn't any evidences that any companies had suffered any trouble yet apart from the hard feeling between these two countries. Therefore the risk...
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